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Fielder Horse and Rider service
I just want to send you my regards and thank´s for all help with my saddle.

I really appreciate my saddle and so does my horse! Just want you to know that.

With all my best regards,
Marie & Strathisla
Paul Fielder Saddle
The PFI saddle enables my horse to move in an elastic expressive way with real power. I don’t shut the horse down or grip to stay with the movement I can go with the horse and develop her even more. Great feeling! Well done Paul!
Siril Helljesen
Paul Fielder Saddle
The PFI saddle from Paul Fielder enables me sit in a balanced secure position and I feel great when the horse starts really moving because this gives me more control. We have had real problems getting a saddle to fit our horse which will also stay behind the shoulder. PFI saddle provides super comfort for me and the horse
Jim Rasmussen
24G Radio Communication Kit
I don’t know how I have managed to train without this for so many years. The quality of the equipment and the package is exceptional. The ability to offer clear and precise information to the rider at just the right time makes training much more refined. There is no longer a need to waste any time during training sessions with poor communication due to external environmental factors, both myself and my clients are very impressed.

Gary Miller
-Equine Sports Massage
Paul Fielder Saddle
I have some damage in the pelvis and legs after a car crash accident and is dependent on a saddle that gives me good support and is soft to sit in. I have tried many saddles before but never felt that I have received the support I need. But Paul Fielder saddle gives me just the support and softness that I need to relax in the pelvis when I ride. It is also very good on the horse and provides the freedom necessary for the horse to be able to move freely and the best possible without discomfort. This is absolutely the best saddle I’ve ever had, and I can recommend it warmly! I simply love it!
Marianne Muir